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Hello Blogosphere!

Well, we’re finally doing it!  We’re starting our own blog.  It’s not that we don’t have a lot to say, because we certainly do.  Some might say too much! It just took us some time to come to a point where we could commit to regular postings.  We’re there…

We  fly a lot.  You’re going to hear about our trips.  You’re going to hear about our company, King Schools, and some of our day to day stuff, like the latest courses we’re working on or new technologies we’re starting to use.  But most of all, you’re going to hear our own opinions about news and events that occur in aviation, and lessons to be learned from them.  This is going to be fun…


  1. TheGimliGlider

    Welcome to blogging, folks. Your videos were what got me hooked into everything aviation. We’ll be more than honored to frequently visit your blog. Keep them great posts coming in 🙂

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