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NAFI Members Can Now Apply for a King Schools Scholarship Valued at $18,000

All of the King Schools/NAFI Scholarship Winners were together at SUN ‘n FUN in 2019. The scholarship includes $5,000 for training and lifetime access to all KING courses including FIRCS for life.” L>R John King, Martha King, Bob Meder, Andrea Prisca Garcia (2019), Barry Knuttila, Terry Carbonell (2017), Pete Muntean (2018).

NAFI Members Can Now Apply for a King Schools Scholarship Valued at $18,000

July 25, 2019 EAA AirVenture – Oshkosh, WI – A well deserving National Association of Flight Instructors Member CFI or aspiring CFI will be awarded The King Schools/NAFI Scholarship valued at more than $18,000 in early 2020. The scholarship consists of $5,000 cash for the attainment of an initial or advanced instructor rating and lifetime access to the entire King Schools library of over 90 courses, including FIRCs.

The 2020 scholarship application period is now open, and the winner will be announced at Sun ‘n Fun in April 2020. The 2019 winner Andrea Garcia of Buena Park, California commented, “I am a single parent, which is financially challenging in Southern California. To obtain my initial ratings I sold my home, worked, took out loans, and maxed out my credit cards. Beyond money, another challenge I have had in aviation has been being able to move forward with my aviation goals while still spending time with my son before he graduates in 2020. King courses are designed for busy folks allowing me to complete a new lesson in as little as 15 minutes. This scholarship has been immeasurably helpful.”

This is the fourth consecutive year that King Schools and NAFI have collaborated to award the scholarship. King Schools Co-Founder Martha King said, “Through the scholarship evaluation process, we get to meet extraordinary people with lots of passion who have strong beliefs about paying it forward.  They will be able to advance both their CFI ratings and knowledge.” Co-Founder John King continued, “We are genuinely proud of our past winners and the real contributions they are making in the aviation community.  We look forward to reviewing the applications, finding the next winner, and seeing them continue this tradition of achievement and giving back.”

NAFI Chairman Robert Meder added, “Andrea exemplifies what it means to give back to aviation.  We have selected someone who was a passionate, award-winning music teacher. She now wants to use her learned and earned teaching skills to mentor future pilots.  Our past winners Terry Carbonell and Pete Muntean have gone beyond our expectations in representing NAFI. Each one of them is teaching, promoting and are passionate about the future of General Aviation.  We are thrilled to give our members the opportunity to receive this scholarship and are confident that the next winner will be just as extraordinary as our past winners.”

The 2020 scholarship application deadline is January 3, 2020. The scholarship will be awarded at the Sun ‘N Fun International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, FL, April, 2020.

The NAFI & King Schools Scholarship for Flight Instructors application form is available on-line at the King Schools website

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NAFI’s purpose is to establish and promote a high level of professionalism among aviation educators and to provide recognition for their contributions to aviation safety, education and training. NAFI members teach in more than 30 countries in flight schools, universities, FBOs, corporate flight departments, the military and as independent flight instructors. Founded in 1967, NAFI works with industry and government to help shape the direction of flight training and to serve as a voice for flight instruction. For more information about NAFI or the NAFI Master Instructor program call 866-806-6156 or visit


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