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AIN News story – King Schools Releases New Courses, Announces Awards

Article by originally appeared on the AIN website on  14, 2024.  To view the original article Click Here.

The new manual E6B flight computer course is available for free.

Martha King and the manual E6B flight computer
Martha King explains how to use a manual E6B flight computer in this free King Schools course.

Training course developer King Schools is now offering a free course for pilots who want to learn to use a manual E6B flight computer and also unveiled a new course, “Maneuvers for the Private Pilot,” last week at the Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo.

Company founders John and Martha King recently received the AOPA Richard G. McSpadden General Aviation Safety Award, named for the late AOPA Air Safety Foundation Air Safety Institute senior v-p and well-known safety expert. King Schools also announced that it awarded Jamie Klaes the Martha King scholarship for Female Flight Instructors and Eric Heigis won the King Schools NAFI scholarship.

In keeping with the Kings’ passion for flying, “King Schools over its 50-year history has always supported employees who are seeking to fulfill new flying goals,” according to the company. The latest example is King Schools CEO and co-owner Barry Knuttila, who recently earned his helicopter private pilot certificate. “The aviation journey just doesn’t end. There is always more to learn…and to teach.” Knuttila had always wanted to fly helicopters and has been flying airplanes since he was 18 and teaching pilots for more than 15 years.

“They say you are only a beginner once, but in aviation, you have the unique ability to start all over with a new category of aircraft. Flying a helicopter is great fun but also presented a unique learning curve and new challenges specific to transitioning from airplanes. I was able to once again experience the thrill of a first solo, first cross-country, and the amazing sense of accomplishment that growing in competency brings. It’s recharged me and given me new perspective that I believe will make me a better leader of King Schools and a better aviation instructor.”


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