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King Schools Goes Completely Online

Ensures Every Course Is Always Up-To-Date

April 12, 2018 SUN ‘n FUN – Lakeland, FL – After over 40 years spent evolving pilot courses from in-person delivery, to VHS tapes, to computer installations, King Schools has said goodbye to discs and is delivering 100% of their pilot courses online.  Co-Chairman Martha King said, “It means you can study on any device and your courses are always up-to-date.”

John King explained, “We have followed two rules that have kept us relevant.  1.  We have always solicited customer feedback and been very responsive to it.  2. We have kept up-to-date with technology.  When we started King Schools 44 years ago, our ‘content delivery system’ was Martha and me speaking to an audience in person.  We would fly to a local airport, teach a few dozen people for a couple of days, and then fly to our next destination and do it all over again.”

“Our first implementation of ‘disruptive technology’ was with VHS tapes,” commented Martha King.  “When we put our in-person classes on videotape, many thousands of pilots suddenly found aviation more accessible and started learning from our courses in the comfort of their homes.  Then when we became the first aviation training company to display full-screen video on computers, learning pilots were able get the benefit of taking quizzes paired with each video lesson, test themselves with sample FAA exams and question databases, and track their progress throughout the course.”

Barry Knuttila, King’s CEO, continued, “Now the Internet provides instant access.  The free KING Companion App lets you download and take lessons offline and when back online, your progress is automatically sync’d with King Schools’ servers and immediately visible from all other devices.  Our customers made it clear that they prefer the advantages of online courses, so it was an easy decision to discontinue the computer-installed, disc option. Online is not the end though. New formats, augmented and virtual reality and unforeseen technological changes will no doubt provide opportunities to deliver even more effective training in our next 40 years.”

King has just rolled out a new Online Aviation Library that puts more than 85 aviation books, cards, manuals, reference materials, and much more into one online package.  The library provides lifetime access with no subscription charges and is continuously updated.  King Schools will continue to expand the library’s resources and customers will automatically receive each update.  Included materials cover a spectrum of aviation knowledge from Private through Professional Pilot. Materials are downloadable and printable and are available from any device.  The KING Online Aviation Library retails for $79.

The Online Aviation Library also replaces the hard-copy books in all KING Get It All Kits (15 versions) making them 100% digital and not subject to shipping charges or sales tax.  These kits provide a deep discount when purchasing a full suite of courses aimed at getting a learning pilot quickly to their goal.

Customers can also add a set of pilot gear to their courses with new King Schools Private Pilot and Instrument Rating Equipment Kits.  These kits include items hand chosen by John & Martha King to fit the needs of learning pilots.  The kits contain products such as IFR training glasses, knee board/clipboard combos, information cards, and more.  The kits retail for $49 each.

Lastly, an updated KING Pilot Communications Course provides optional, easy-to-read subtitles in English or Chinese. This course will help Chinese pilots understand cockpit communications from Alpha to Zulu and retails for $49.


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