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CEO and Co-Owner of King Schools Now a Helicopter Pilot

King Schools CEO and Co-Owner Barry Knuttila recently achieved his helicopter private pilot certificate.

For Immediate Release: April 11, 2024, SUN ‘n FUN, Lakeland FL

John and Martha King announced that Barry Knuttila, King Schools’ CEO and co-owner, has achieved his helicopter private pilot certificate.  Barry has been a passionate fixed wing, general aviation pilot since he was 18, and a flight instructor for over 15 years, but he also always had a unrelenting desire to…hover.

Beginning with John and Martha, King Schools over its 50-year history has always supported employees who are seeking to fulfill new flying goals.

Achieving his helicopter rating was just the latest step in Barry’s continuing aviation journey.  He said, “The aviation journey just doesn’t end. There is always more to learn…and to teach. The experiences that I had on the journey to my helicopter rating have given me renewed insight into the time and cost benefits of a structured training program and the value that King Schools courses, including our helicopter courses, bring to learning pilots.”

Barry continued, “They say you are only a beginner once, but in aviation, you have the unique ability to start all over with a new category of aircraft. Flying a helicopter is great fun but also presented a unique learning curve and new challenges specific to transitioning from airplanes.  I was able to once again experience the thrill of a first solo, first cross-country, and the amazing sense of accomplishment that growing in competency brings. It’s recharged me and given me new perspective that I believe will make me a better leader of King Schools and a better aviation instructor.”

As CEO, Barry guides King Schools corporate strategy, operations, and growth. He also appears as an on-camera instructor in many of King’s videos. Barry is an aviation subject matter expert focused on ensuring that King Schools customers have a successful and first-class experience with King Schools products. He is a Flight Instructor, and holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with a Falcon 10  type rating. Barry has logged time in 45 aircraft types now including the Robinson R22 helicopter, along with flying airplanes on wheels, floats, skis and flying aerobatic, formation and air combat tours with his partners in 3 Great Lakes biplanes.

Barry especially enjoys trading seats with his mentors and partners John and Martha in the company’s old Falcon 10 jet, and lately also with his wife, Virginie, who is a passionate professional pilot and also type-rated in the Falcon 10. Together, Barry and Virginie also own a Beechcraft Debonair and love to fly together whenever possible.

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