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Private Pilot Maneuvers Course Will Save Student Pilots Time & Money on Their Private Pilot Journey

King Schools CEO and Co-Owner of King Schools Barry Knuttila is one of the instructors in the new course Maneuvers for the Private Pilot.

For Immediate Release: April 11, 2024, SUN ‘n FUN, Lakeland FL

Student Pilots working toward their Private Pilot certificate have a new course available to help them achieve their goals and to be safer, more confident Private Pilots. King Schools has just released the pilot training course Maneuvers for Private Pilot.

King Schools CEO and Co-Owner Barry Knuttila said, “The Private Pilot Maneuvers course completes the suite of core King Schools Private Pilot courses.  This new course ensures that student pilots show up prepared for each flight lesson…and showing up prepared means less time required in the airplane to master each maneuver, saving time and money.”

Barry continued, “King Schools now has customers covered with video courses throughout their entire Private Pilot journey, starting with their Ground School and Written Exam Test Prep Course, continuing through flight training with the new Private Pilot Maneuvers Course, and then on to the customer’s checkride with King’s Private Pilot Practical Test Course.”

The maneuvers course features an abundance of new HD video from a pilot’s point-of-view and includes animated graphics and in-flight video that shows you step-by-step procedures on how to set up and perform each maneuver. The course teaches short and soft-field takeoffs and landings, turns around a point, forward slips, and more. It also covers how to avoid or correct common errors and employ techniques that will impress both CFIs and examiners, avoiding costly checkride failures, and passing the first time with confidence.

Maneuvers for Private Pilot has a retail price of $59 and is also included in several Private Pilot course bundles. It can be taken on the Web or downloaded and taken offline in the King Companion App for Apple devices. For more information go to


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