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The E6B Flight Computer Made Easy

Martha King demonstrates how to use an E6B in the free course.

For Immediate Release: April 11, 2024, SUN ‘n FUN, Lakeland FL

There are many digitally savvy Student Pilots who still struggle to comprehend and use a manually operated E6B flight computer.  In the new, free King Schools course How to Use Your E6B Flight Computer, Martha King simplifies and teaches how to master the infamous “Wiz Wheel”.

When you are proficient with one, the manual E6B can be just as handy as an electronic flight computer when taking your Private Pilot written test, but it really shines when your practical test examiner “fails” the batteries on your electronic flight computer, and then says: “Ok, what now?”

In the How to Use Your E6B course, Martha King demonstrates the ins and outs of using the E6B Flight Computer so a student pilot can be confident with their E6B and pass their exams.  Topics covered include how to calculate speed, distance, fuel consumption, flight times and more on the Calculation Side of the computer and cross-country route planning on the Wind Side of the computer.

King Schools CEO and Co-Owner Barry Knuttila said, “These lessons had an interesting journey to become a free King Schools course.  In 2021, we took E6B lessons from our Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course and published them in a YouTube playlist. Since then, those videos have had more than 353,000 views and fantastic reviews.  The popularity of the videos prompted us to expand the lessons to include cross-country planning and to create an easily accessed stand-alone free course that takes advantage of our iLearn LMS (Learning Management System) and also allows the use of our King Companion app to download and take the lessons even when off-line.”

You can enroll in the full course for free .


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